Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buddha Prophesied about Jesus?

I read an article in the "Voice of Buddhism" with shock and disbelief. Buddha prophesied about Jesus? To me, the crux of Buddhist ideal and that of Christianity are so diametrically opposed that this is unthinkable. The next thought that appeared in my mind was filled with sadness because people would spread such untruths to mislead others. I was glad that the matter was very well rebutted in the article by a Mr. John Johnson (Although I'm unable to ascertain who Mr Johnson is ... yet.)

Although the claim is not new but it's recurrence can continue to bring confusion to those less informed about Buddhism. Googling the net brings more than 250000 hits on similar misinformation. Here's one such link Buddha told of Jesus

Not only that, even some Muslims think that Buddha prophesied about Prophet Muhammad. This is by a Dr. Mohammed Amir. JAKIM

What can we say? Buddha is a popular guy but don't depend on others to tell you what He teaches. Ehi Passiko. Come and see. Practise it yourself.


  1. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  2. The first paragraph from the Bibleprobe link has this ...

    "Buddhists believe that one must do “merit” in order to better one’s life. They know that people have sin, so each person tries to do “merits” to cover over their sins. But they know that theirs sins are too great. This is especially difficult on poor people, because they know that to do “merit,” one needs money. The way to get money is to be a powerful person, but many powerful people steal and are not just.
    Often they are corrupt and abuse their power. Money received by doing sin to others is not acceptable merit money. So sins continue because no one is able to have enough merit to take away sin . . . unless someone was perfect He could have enough merit for Himself and others. It is interesting that in the Buddhist Scriptures of Cambodia, a prophecy regarding a “Holy One” would come, One who would lead people away from
    the old way and introduce a new way"