Friday, March 20, 2009

Wanna do something cool?

Well, I guess I don’t have to say much at all
since the picture says it all.

So see y’all this Sunday!

By BKB ^.^V

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dear students,
Wesak may seem to be many weeks ahead, but there aren't many Sundays left to work on especially if we want to put up good exhibition. You will be working on the Wesak projects with me and we will only have four sessions together. So we need to get cracking. Make use of the holidays to come up with suggestions on how best to make a worthwhile presentation.

The topics assigned to us are The Four Brahma Viharas and the Ten Meritorious Deeds. Do some research into these topics and we can discuss them when we next meet on the 22nd of March.

Apart from the two manila cardboards that we need to complete, we are asked to think out of the box. So guys and gals, come up with interesting new ways to present the topic above okay?

Please pass the word on to others to check this blog for more details later.

Ta and CU


Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Holiday


To all Moggallana-ians...

Next week or should I say this week on the 15th March, there will be no Sunday School classes going on.
A pretty sad case to be but classes will resume back to normal on the following week which is on the 22nd March.

Enjoy the rest of your days~~~

By BKB ^.^V

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Abbot and the Orphan - Behind the scenes

Hi all,
This is the "behind the scenes" clip of the animation made for the BISDS 80th anniversary celebration.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

HappyBuddha music

Here's a quick music arrangment of the song in MIDI format.



Moggallana 1 Lesson T2-2 22 Feb 09

The Buddha's greatness.
Yep. The Buddha is great. Differing schools of Buddhism may have differing emphasis on the Buddha's greatness. Hence we may find certain Buddhas being "prayed" for certain "purposes" eg Medicine Buddha for healing "powers". I was at an art shop one day and saw a Manjusri Buddha image. In Mahayana tradition, Manjusri is sometimes refered to as a Bodhisattva. He wields a flaming sword which represents the realization of wisdom that cuts through ignorance and wrong views. It also reminds me of the image of prince Siddharta wielding a sword at the banks of the Anoma river to cut off his hair. To me it also represents cutting off bad traits and habits to embark on further cultivating goodness. I bought it. As soon as I set eyes on it, the sales lady said "Ah sir, this Buddha is very good. It is the Manjusri Buddha and it represents wisdom." Then pointing to my children who were with me she said "Pray to this Buddha and your children will be very clever and smart." I just smiled and said "Thank you".

Nope, Buddha didn't asked to be "Prayed". Buddha gave us the Dhamma for us to practise and liberate ourselves. A Buddha is a Buddha and all Buddhas being Buddhas have the same "powers". It's just that certain schools may emphasize certain aspects. While Buddhas have "powers" to perform super normal feats, we don't pray for them to be performed for our selfish gains. We work and practise the Dhamma to attain Buddhahood ourselves. In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, one of the formulation for the veneration of the Buddha's greatness is the 9 virtues of the Buddha.

So there you are. The Buddha's Greatness in a nutshell. The 9 virtues of the Buddha which you guys/gals have been chanting every Sunday Puja. (What? Who hasn't been attending puja? You naughty boy/girl!) Furthermore, if you find it a bit hard to remember how to chant the formulation, then go back to the Salutation to the Buddha. It's a summary of the 9 virtues in one verse. So it's the Buddha's Greatness in a nutshell in a nutshell if you like. The Salutation to the Buddha is easier to remember.

Iti pi so Bhagava Araham
Samma sambuddho Vijja-carana-sampanno
Sugato Lokavidu
Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi
Satta Deva-manussanam
Buddho Bhagava ti

Do you see the 9 virtues in there?
1) Araham
2) Samma sambuddho
3) Vijja-carana-sampanno
4) Sugato
5) Lokavidu
6) Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi
7) Sattha Deva-manussanam
8) Buddho
9) Bhagava

1) Araham
Means He has
Cut off all defilement, suppressed temptations, destroyed rebirth and is worthy of homage.

2) Samma-sambuddho
He is self-enlightened. He discovers the 4 Noble Truths and sees the working of karma. He is capable of expounding the knowledge that He gains on his own.

3) Vijja-carana-sampanno
He has superior vision and knowledge and his conduct is perfect. Faultless conduct.

Superior vision can be categorize into the three fold knowledge :-
a) recalling his past lives and that of others
b) beyond the space-time dimensions.
He can see the universe at any space-time event. ie see past and future.
c) visualize Arahanthood. "Visualize" does not just mean vison per se because
Arahanthood is beyond space-time dimension.

Superior vision can also be categorize as the eightfold wisdom :-
1) gift of insight. He intuitively comprehends the universe.
2) recollect past births
3) Supernormal feat. eg being in more than one place at the same time.
4) divine ear
5) divine eye
6) mind reading
7) physical powers
8) presence of serene holiness

Faultless conduct exemplified by
1) restraint in words and deed. ie no idle prattle
2) restraint in sense perceptions. Not indulging in sense pleasures
3) restraint in food intake.
4) does not sleep excessively
5) upholds clear vision and faith
6) understands the evil of wrong doing
7) Inability to do evil even in secret.
8) inexhaustable quest for knowledge
9) full of energy ie not lazy.

4) Sugato
The beauty of the way to Nibbana. The path (Eightfold Noble Path) is good,
the destination (Nibbana) is excellent, the Dhamma (Teachings) are faultless, blameless.

5) Lokavidu
Complete knowledge of existence and of the universe.
Buddha was first to observe that there are thousands of galaxies in the universe, first to declare that the world is conceptual ie is a concept of the mind and it is useless to speculate about the origin and end of the universe.

6) Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi
Unparallelled leader who can lead all beings to Nibbana. He led Angulimala, a fierce killer to Nibanna. He subdued the drunken elephant, Nalagiri.

7) Sattha-Deva Manussanam
Able to teach all men and gods. It was sid Buddha went to heaven to preach to his mother.
8) Buddho
The ability to discover and declare the Truths and teach it to all beings.

9) Bhagava
Exalted ie of high moral and intellectual. He is the embodiment of the perfections that He has cultivated over countless past lives and his purity is awesome and worthy of veneration. 2500+ years of veneration to Buddha is proof of this.

So there you are guys/gals. The Buddha's greatness. (Get ready for test!)
After learning more about the Buddha's greatness we rejoice in the Buddha's birth. We made a song to share the joy. To those interested, here it is

Chorus 2X
Happy is the birth of the Buddha's
Happy is the birth of the Buddha's
Happy is the birth of the Buddha's
In the world ...

Verse 1 (The Buddha)
As the lotus blooms,
in the muddy pool,
From beneath the water, undefiled
Fragrant and cool ...

repeat chorus 2X

Verse 2 (The Dhamma)
(Put in your lyrics about the qualities of the Dhamma)

Happy is the Teachings of the Dhamma
Happy is the Teachings of the Dhamma
Happy is the Teachings of the Dhamma
In the world ...


Verse 3 (The Sangha)
(Put in your lyrics about the qualities of the Sangha)

Happy is the Unity of the Sangha
Happy is the Unity of the Sangha
Happy is the Unity of the Sangha
In the world ...

repeat with an endtro

Monday, March 2, 2009

BISDS 80th Anniversary Launch

The Anniversary will be on

Matters regarding on this day will be:

  1. Original plan by Bro KC to have a 1 hr lesson fr 8.30 - 9.30 am tak jadi.
  2. Class given the honour to serve VIPs during lunch. Non choir members are requested to meet at the vihara monks' dining area (adjacent to the vihara office) at 8.30 am to help set up for the VIP lunch. Further briefing will b given there. Bro KC will b there too.
  3. All are required to wear the official BISDS T-shirt & long pants.
  4. Parents are invited for the event & they may come at 9.30 am.
  5. Among highlights of event is the launching of Buddhist Animation DVD produced by Bro Lid Sine & co. There will also b performance/s by the choir group.
  6. For those who are able to stay back after the event, please do help to clean up the place. Estimated time of completion would be 1-1.30pm and packed lunch will be available.
Well that's all about it...
With Metta~~~

By BKB ^.^V