Monday, June 29, 2009

Taman Megah Home trip.

Bro. Kai-Cong here.

This is some things you have to know about the trip.

1) please wear your BISDS T-Shirt. emphasis on the BISDS, as we are representing the sunday school outside of school compound, and it's a better impression if we are uniformed.!
2) please wear Long pants. if u dun have long pants, please dun wear shorts, atleast 3 quarter. not the board shorts type.
3) Please do not wear socks. this is a special request form the manager of the home. so please do follow the request.
4) please be in sunday school at 8.30 sharp for a special breifing about the trip. So make your transport arrangements ASAP. thanks.

and for those who are giving Transportaion, thank you for the dana, but for those who wants to do dana in material form here is the list that the manager sent to yee wan that the home is needing. you can refer to this list to get the materials. and Remember to bring it this sunday. thanks.

Milk Powder
01.Fernleaf / Everyday /Nespray – Fullcream

02.Dumex – Dulac

03.Dutch lady – 456

04.Gainkid Eye-Q Advance (Step 4)

05.Pediasure – Vanilla Flavour


07.Boh Teh / Nescafe


09.Coconut Milk – Ayam brand

10.Adabi Bunjut

11.Hard Brush

12.Broom Stick

13.Penyapu Lidi


For the photographers.
as like what Bro. KC says. the home requested about the photos taken. they hope that the photos take shows that they are in a good mood, or in a happy mood, take pictures of them having fun, beacuse the kids might not react when you take pictures of them that feels like they are in need to help, or in a bad situation, but they will feel unhappy. So the trip is to make them feel happy so please be more carefull when you angle the pictures. Thank you.

If you have any questions you can ask the comitee the list of phone numbers are posted in the blog. Scroll down to find

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Class Outing / Charity Project - Contacts

Hi there, you guys....
Alright, with less than 2 weeks for our outing, here are the contact number of the committees and people you can contact... =)

Bro. KC : 03 - 79565680
Yee Wan : 016 - 645 8333
Kai-Cong : 017 - 366 1848
Sui Lun : 016 - 906 7963
Shuen : 012 - 638 2196
Alison : 016 - 334 4178
Fuh Lin : 03 - 79820475
Sze Mei : 017 - 387 2577
John : 017 - 609 3020
Hayden : 016 - 570 0780
Hop Kins : 012 - 339 1590

With metta,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Class Outing / Charity Project

Hey you guys! So, I am sure you guys are aware about our class trip to The Taman Megah Home's For Handicapped And Disabled Children. Here are some updates =)

Date: 5 July 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 10.00 am to around 11.30am - 12.00 pm

New Transport Manager: Fuh Lin

Information on the home
The home currently supports 138 children aged from 7 months to 55 years old.
Their monthly expenses comes up to about RM 60,000 +++.
That's a lot of zero, right? So don't you think that we should lend them a helping hand?
And not to mention, the home is currently raising fund for a new location that requires 5 Bil.
Currently, they only managed to raise 1 Bil.
Website :

*Click on the picture for clearer view

Anyone and everyone are welcomed to join in.
Items required:
  1. Cash donation
  2. Old clothing
  3. Books
  4. Anything practical
We will start collecting the above items this Sunday, 14 June 2009.
Do encourage your parents, teachers, friends, family members, anyone you know to donate the items ^^
It's for a good cause ;)

Cash Donation
The money collected will be used to buy items from the list below. The money not used will be donated to the home in the form of cash to support their building project and other expenses.
Please pass the money to Hayden, as she is our Treasurer =)

*Click on the image to enlarge

Old Clothing/Books/Anything Practical
The home accepts any form of donation. If you have an old radio, don't let it rot. Donate to them. But make sure the items are in good conditions. Especially the clothing =)
Please bring them to BISDS during lesson time.

okay, so, as you guys know, Fuh Lin is our transport manager. Please start confirming with him if you are going or not.
Contact: 03 - 79820475

Did someone mention car pooling? Yeap! As you know that our source of transportation is our parents. So, do encourage your parents to join in! And if they are not hesitant, request them to offer to drive us to the home. That would be a great help. Please inform Fuh Lin if your parents/relatives/etc. are willing to offer transportation. Thx a lot =)

Here is a brief list of what we will be doing there on that day:
  • Dana
  • Entertainment (dance, song, etc.)
  • Bonding Time
  • Chanting verses of blessings from the puja book.
Games is taken out of the list because it will disturb the neighbours =(

Taken by Shuen when we visited the home to enquire for more information...
*Please click to enlarge for better view =)

Feel free to contact us for any details or if you have any suggestions/ideas =)
With ♥,