Sunday, February 15, 2009

Joint celebration review.

Dear all, d joint celebration went smoothly. Thanks to all who help out! And teachers from Moggallana and Revata for their support. Really appreciate all d efforts that has put in d joint celebration. :) Sadhu and may you be well and happy.

Yan Leng.

Will be posting up pictures from d joint celebration. Stay tuned!


Highlights from the event :


Playing the guessing game. They are supposed to be blindfolded. Then they have to use the face to feel the object and guess what is it.


Kai Yuan.


Poison box. They have to pass a box around. When the music stops, the last person to hold the box along with the ones sitting right and left side of the person has to do some punishments.


This group had to dance.


Had a mini surprise bday celebration for our dearest classmate, Xin Yi.


Group picture.

The rest of the pictures are uploaded to here. Enjoy! :)

With Metta,
Yan Leng.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Class on 15 Feb 2009

15th February 2009 Schedule

Those who are NOT, (I repeat, who are NOT) involve in the joint celebration will be having Dhamma class and Puja as usual. Bro. Lid Sine will be teaching on that day.

For those who are INVOLVE in the joint celebration,
please meet up in front of ASOKA HALL by 8.30am SHARP.
(If possible, please come earlier to help arranging the venue.)
we are going to have Puja WITH the revata class students (9.30am) only, meaning we're NOT attending our usual one, and our joint celebration will be held in room 6 & 7 (opposite moggallana class).

Yan Leng.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sunday School back to normal

All right people!!!
Even though Chinese New Year is still on going until next Monday,
this coming Sunday we will still have class as usual.

After two long weeks of no Sunday School,
I bet some of us have missed each other during the holidays for those who didn't meet each other.

Spirits up!
Sunday School is back!
School is on-going (which is not a good thing XP)
but still not too late to say



A good year ahead of us,
let's enjoy it with everyone!

Have fun~~~
With Metta~~~

By BKB ^.^V